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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 28, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? >> arrested for drunk driving and didn't take care of it like you were supposed to, look out, there is a warrant sweep underway, police are going to homes and jobs. that story, coming up. >> a young boy fights off a stranger that allegedly tried to lure him with candy. how a 9-year-old. >> the news at 11:00 starts now.
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>> thanks for being with us. >> this a surprise knock at the door from law enforcement greeting hundreds of people with arrest warrants on the east bay. >> it is a county-wide sweep targeting people getting behind the wheel drunk. >> officers are out in full force. christie, good morning. >> it is loud, it is not the knock that you want to hear at your front door. that is exactly what police are doing all over the county, trying to make arrests for outstanding dui warrants. they are going to jobs and homes to make that arrest. at the same time, the avoid the 21 arrest campaign for drunk drivers, and the funding source for this sweep today. 21 law enforcement agencies are out today and tomorrow,
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following up on 550 warrants. we followed livermore police today, knocking on six doors, and made one arrest at a super market where a woman worked. sergeant herd said some of the cases are more than a year old. people are surprised, but they knew police would come knocking. >> at some point, the person chose to drive intoxicated and didn't follow up, didn't show up for court, didn't go to a.a., or pay a fine if they were ordered to. whatever the judge ordered them to do, they didn't follow up. the warrant was issued. >> reporter: we followed them to an apartment, but the man had moved. a lot of people move on. so far, with the dui arrest mobile zag, that runs december 16 through the first, they have arrested 500 drivers in almeda
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county it is not cheap. with the fines, and the court costs and everything, it can easily run over $10,000. reporting live in livermore, back to you. new at 11:00, san francisco's district attorney said two plant supervisors will be charged in the death of a pregnant worker crushed to death on the job four years ago. the owner of digital prepress international, and the plant manager are charged with involuntary manslaughter, and violation of labor laws. marge rita moica was lean sbog a machine at a plant, when the machine turned on and closeod her. 20 minutes before firefighters could pull her out. a 9-year-old boy is safe at home after escaping a would-be kidnapper in oakland.
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a stranger walked up to him near red wood regional park. the man offered him candy before trying to grab his arm. crime stoppers, offering a reward up to $2,500, leading to information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. police right now, looking for a man who attacked a woman early yesterday morning at holly street and 90th avenue. the man pinned the vehicle allegedly at knifepoint, sexu sexually assaulted her before running away. >> custed toian john astoris under arrest for lude acts with a child under 14. holbrook elementary school, and
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a school in walnut creek. more victims could come forward. we have a look at the man right now, this is surveillance of him right there, just released by police. officers say the suspected thief walked up to a cashier, and demanded money. the he was given money and took off. the suspect never showed a weapon police say. they were taking off from buchanan field when the pilot radioed in an mechanical problem. the plane wound up land og a gravel area nearby. both men are recovering from major injuries at john meir medical center. official his to tow a southwest jet after two tire
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blow-outs happened during taik off. they are trying to figure out how it happened, theiet was taking off to seattle when both tires blew out. >> they hosed down the plain, 130 were on board, nobody was injured. this time, a vacant lot behind this fence on pralta street. the new camp side much 13 or 14 tents are set up. activists say they don't know who owns the land, but they haven't been asked to leave. >> something worth saying and saying well, you need a place to do that. >> theemov ment has been without
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a place since november. >> protesters will be back at it again, the stay's busy downtown shopping district, that protest at 3:30. >> calling on numbers who light fires and burn logs during spare the air day. >> 400 complained about wood fires over the weekend. nobody has been fined. repeat offenders will get a $400 ticket. the crackdown has people worried about new year's eve. there won't likely be a spare the air call for this weekend. >> it has to do with the weather. we are already forecasting tomorrow.r quality as of start with that. we are expecting good air
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quality at the coast and south central bay. the more we pick up, the better off we are in terms of air quality. that will be the case in the next couple of days, i was backing off bringing showers into the forecast in the bay i am bringing them in on friday. >> in lake tahoe, we are not getting snow, it is too warm. everything is falling in the form of rain over tahoe. increasing clouds, by tomorrow, more clouds. we are expecting thick fog tomorrow morning. friday, wide-spread rain, things are looking more optimistic.
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>> it looks like you will be busy in 2012. >> looking forward to it. >> this is what will have to happen, skiers were have to take a hike. >> 95% last year's snow dempth there is a chance for a forecast, not looking great. they have to use snow machines. >> if you are diehard, you don't care as long as the snow is there. >> we will tell you about a new bill to give telemarketers access to your cell phone number. >> flash mobs, we will tell you what is behind a.
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>> and a family that lost everything. >> and take it all in. what it feels like in a matter ofinutes.
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tens of thousands stamping their feet in grief. soliers marched by. kim jong-il lead with absolute power, through a famine and nuclear program. in south korea, 200 activists gathered to celebrate his death. protesters popped champagne bottles, setting off fireworks as well. defacing banners of the late leader. presidential candidates all over iowa in a latest push before the cacuss. this is mitt romney greeting voters this morning. he is falling flat in iowa, trailing ron paul in the polls, he is running strong in new
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hampshire, where the first primary is just 13 days away. >> one of the perks, of a cell phone, you don't have to deal with robbo calls. a bill floating around congress could change all of that. what makes it worse, they would be able to do it without your consent. supporters say the calls would be used for information like flight changes or product recalls. creditics say it could open the door to big time telemarketers. an internet security firm said that botching a single keystroke, typing an online address, gives hackers a chance to steal pass words and capture personal information here is a
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hypoth hypothetical. types wal-mat instead of wal-mart, could lead you to their domain. rated worst in customer satisfaction., and second only to netflix, not a great year for them. they saw the biggest decline in customer satisfaction, the company tried to raise prices and tried to split services. >> target, has a bull's eye on it, unusual protest going on today. >> bay area moms are meeting up to protest target's corporate policy on breast feeding.
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moms are upset that a texas mom was hassled by target for nursing while christmas shopping. >> we want to come out in support of how she was treat and raise awareness for breast feeding in general. try to get people comfortable with getting it done in public. >> it is not just here in san jose, the company said that mothers are breast feeding in public areas without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> time to check back in on the weather. get ready for 2012. >> quite comfortable right now, across the board. not just inland. temperatures in the mid 50s, look at this beautiful sky, the golden gate bridge, many outside enjoying the nice weather.
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we have a lot of sunshine overhead. 56 in san jose. you can see what we have left in terms of showers, light, to the east of santa rosa. we will see another day with 60s down through the south bay. 61 in santa cruz, and conditions through tomorrow we will see a stronger off shore flow. expecting thick fog to develop, all day long. limited sunshine through thursday. we stop the clock at 9:00, continue that clock until 2:00  tomorrow, still dealing with cloud cover over the greater bay area. not as sunny into tomorrow. a better chance of rain. it is looking pretty good. 30 to 40% showers.
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as it rises andhe jet stream dips, we will six a mixing of our atmosphere. looking good for 2012. a bit of fog monday and tuesday. next week, at the end of the week, looking more active as a whole. we will track it for you. send it over to you two, for a special guest. >> protect and serve. the motto of police officers coast to coast. >> san jose, officer chris, tell us where you are at. how many money have you raised?
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>> myself, personally, up to 2000 cash, and it just started christmas day, really. we set up a charity for this family. for me that is what it was all about, to help these people. >> we had a reporter on scene, it was a dried out christmas tree, if i remember, that started the fire. >> a young lady fell asleep in the living room. >> everybody made it out. >> they call us in, it quickly turned in to, they needed help with the family. they were emotional, that is how
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i got involved. spent time with them. trying to console them. they were fine. trying to assure them, even though they lost memories, the material stuff can be replaced. >> what made you take it upon yourself to do this? >> i was just thinking, family lost everything, sleeping in a motel. i thought there has to be something that i can do. i personally department want to get involved, i talked to damonion, i don't want to be involved. here i am today. >> you have raised 2000, an anonymous donor raised 25,000. >> i didn't go to the original scene. i blocked off the street.
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then, when i talked over to the house, the fire fighters doing their things, i could see the remnants of this house. >> if people would like to donate, you said there was a fund. >> yes, done through the police officers association, any amount helps, $5. >> we appreciate it. you are a good ate . ou a iciate re. 3
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3 welcome back, a lovely shot, we are showing you san jose, with the mountains off in the distance, shaping up to be a nice day. kristina is tracking rain in your forecast. >> we can tell you, a long list of golden bear football fans soaking up sun in san diego. >> watching their team take on
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texas in the holiday bowl. cal secured their bowl game bid. against texas. after a disappointing season. >> go cal. >> the aes -- the as may be coming to san jose. the giants, well, they own the territorial rights to santa clar area county. they aren't going to let go without ao fight. a reporter did sweet >> inspired by cats. >> it is called, the kiter litter doughnuts. why would anyon peut itnut
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welcome back, a live look at the san francisco bay! you can see the difference those showers made in the air quality looking better for tomorrow. last wednesday of 2011. the temperatures will stay on the mild side. light showers in on friday. kick off the new year with mild conditions. back to you. >> this morning, broadway, san jose is teaming up with psychodoughnuts to present the opening of the musical, "cats." >> i hope it tastes better than it looks. this is no joke. the kiter litter. they say it has vanilla cake crumbs, the musical, "cats" runs through january 1st.
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>> you end up coughing up a fur ball if you ate that. >> you can bring me, some. >> maybe i will try it. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> see you later. ♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing.
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